Lisa Head

Welcome and thanks for taking a look at my journey with IT WORKS! I got started in June 2012, after watching Denise & Brandon Walsh for over two years.  Every year, they would come home for Christmas at church, and every year, Brandon would say, "you really need to look at this business with us." Needless to say, I watched, and saw D & B go to Austrailia for 5 weeks, I watched Denise's sister launch in North Carolina, and I decided it was time.  Kathy Casanova finally gave me her card, in 2010, and I still waited.  June 2012, I was ready, and that's when everything started.  I trained for about the first month.  I couldn't even login to my esuite, things are very different now.  Fast forward 15 months: I am a RUBY, and have been for almost a year.  Things moved fairly quickly in the beginning, and now I'm headed towards emerald and diamond!  I have a total of 566 people in my downline, including loyal customers, distributors, and their loyal customers.  IT WORKS! is going into momentum right now, and I would LOVE for you to hop on and join this exciting, fun, and incredible opportunity with me!!    

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